• Clare Roberts

UK Manufactured Reusable face coverings


  • 200gsm: 82% Polyester / 18% Xtra Life Lycra ™

  • Sustainable: can be washed (tested up to 60 degrees)

  • Fits the contours of the face, covering nose, mouth and chin, with no ties

  • Printed and Manufactured in the UK

  • Laser cut: no human contact during production

  • MOQ 2000 units plain fabric (ivory) 

  • Fully branded via dye sublimation

  • Can be coated with Polygiene ViralOff ™ anti bacterial / anti viral treatment

A study by Cambridge University and Public Health England have shown that wearing a mask, even is not surgical is positive in the fight against coronavirus. Key Points include:

- Reduces airborne droplets

- Reduces touching the face- viruses can also be spread from touching surfaces and then touching the face.

The high Lycra content ensures the mask fits to the contours of the face and covers the nose, mouth and fits snugly under the chin. There are no ties. The masks are laser cut meaning the masks are produced with no human touch. Currently manufacturing capacity is 10-15K units per day.

According to Polygiene, on a garment treated with ViralOff, over 99% of viruses will be killed in 2 hours as per a ISO18184:2019 test. “All viruses so far tested, from Influenza A, BirdFlu, Norovirus and to Corona (SARS) viruses are reduced in the 99% range. As this testing procedure is central, the ViralOff brand will serve as a stamp of assurance that the product lives up to a standard,” Polygiene says.

“Think of it as a sanitizer for garments, “says Ulrika Björk, CEO Polygiene. “There is an enormous demand for things that help combat viruses now. With the ViralOff treatment, we can help set a standard for performance and help everyone get through these difficult times, from the heroes working in the medical services to the average person who would just like to get a pair of gloves or a facemask with tested antiviral capability.”

Further information from Innovation in Textiles can be found here. The ViralOff coating was created before the outbreak of Coronavirus, therefore has not been tested for Covid19 at present, however the testing into similar viruses similar (such as SARS) have proven to be effective.

Please contact or call 0203 7332324 for further information.