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Trend: Custom dyed hoodies, sweats and joggers

As a UK manufacturer of Hoodies, crew necks and jogger sets are one of our most popular items for cut & sew, custom dyeing and printing.

As reported in the Business of Fashion this week, sweat suits are the stand out outfit of the past 12 months. From celebrities to fashion editors and Instagram influencers, the trend sees no sign of slowing.

Whilst some brands are creating theirs in cashmere or knit, the classic poly-cotton blends are most popular. Dyed in array of pastel hues, or distressed with vintage washed a la Yeezy, joggers paired with hoodies or sweatshirts are everywhere you look.

Grey Marl hoodie with neon pink over dye.

At Creative Sourcing we offer a range of services including custom dying of sweats and T shirts. Effects include over dye which is when a wash of colour is added to a pale blanks. For example, a neon pink over grey marl, to create hot pink marl. This can be done on any pale colour blank to create a custom, unique colour with a slight vintage feel.

Sports grey joggers with hot pink pigment wash.

To create an acid wash or vintage was we can also take dark blank garments and perform a snow wash. This takes back the colour a few shades, and gives a worn-in feel.

Black hoodie with vintage 'acid wash' effect added.

Our dyes are pigment dyes and are certified as eco friendly, can be worn against the skin and the wash waters need no water purification post-process. We can also apply dip dyes, spiral effects in multiple colours, marble dye- the ist is endless!

Rust wash onto white crew neck sweatshirt.

If you cannot find the sweat set you want, we can manufacture it from scratch. Using 100% organic loopback, we can create totally custom jog pants, hoodies, crew sweats and drawstring shorts all in your bespoke fit and cut. Add custom woven labels, print and embroidery. This is done in a SEDEX SMETA audited factory in Leicester.

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