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Dye House Techniques Explained.

Many clients ask for a brochure of available dye-house techniques. In reality, this would be impossible to create because the possibilities are endless. However, we will try and break down our most popular techniques!

Snow wash (or vintage wash)

Black cotton T shirt with white snow wash to create vintage feel

This usually starts by using a dark blank garment, such as black, charcoal, maroon, navy for example. We then add a snow wash, which is done using white pigment. This creates a washed out or vintage feel to the garment. It is non-toxic unlike acid washes, but give a similar effect.

Spiral Dye

Three colour tie dye onto white cotton T shirt

This is your traditional tie-dye, and is done by creating spirals out of a blank. Then coloured dye- either one colour or multiple colours, are applied by hand. Works best on white tees, but other coloured blanks can be used.

Marble Dye

Beige T shirt with black marble dye on top

This technique uses socks or stockings to tie away parts of the garment, then a dye is added on top. This can be as minimal or busy as you require, or as random or populated.

Over Dye

White sweat with rust over dye

One of the most popular techniques is a simple overdye. Take a white or pale blank garment and add an all-over colour. This is great if you cannot find a blank garment in the colour you need. It’s also very effective on sweatshirts, hoodies and jog pants where the colour range is limited. This technique looks great on grey marl (flecked fabric) as the marl effect remains visible.

Fuchsia over dye onto white cotton T shirt

Over dye is not the same as Pantone matching- it will have a very slightly washed out, vintage feel.

Dye house effects are increasingly popular with fashion brands and tour merchandise as it’s a quick process which makes readily available blanks look totally unique. Typical turnaround is 2 weeks.

Our factory has been audited via Fast Forward, plus our dyes are certified as Vegan, have Eco- Passport from Oeko-Tex and are GOTS certified. Increase your sustainability by choosing Organic blanks from AS Colour, Stanley/Stella or Continental.

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