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Personalised Garments in the fashion industry.

The fashion industry is constantly looking for new ideas and reasons for influencers to post

about brands on their social media and Instagram feeds. Saint Laurent’s creative director Anthony Vacarello send personalised sweatshirts to various models, fashion editors, influencers and celebrities. Each classic grey crew neck featured the minimal ‘Saint Laurent’

logo below the recipient’s name. This spurned numerous Insta stories and posts thanking Vacarello for the gift. This exposed the YSL brand to all of the influencer’s huge followings, for presumably a fraction of their usual hefty sponsored post fees- just the cost of a simple grey sweatshirt. 

This tactic has been used before by Coco Cola, when they released their iconic name-bottles. Customers would scour shops until they found their name, before promptly posting to social media. It is still one of their most popular campaigns to date.

The ‘share a coke’ frenzy created an e-commerce opportunity for the drinks brand; you can now order a plethora of customisable bottles online- perfect for weddings, events or marketing purposes. Other success stories include the iconic Love Island water bottles. Most of the products shown on online retailer ‘Not on the High Street’ can be personalized. This is what we call print on demand, a relatively new ecommerce phenomenon. 

Print on demand is a no-brainer for retailers and brands. It is a no-risk solution which cancels our risk, warehousing, and complicated merchandising predictions (where a brand will have to estimate what sizes will be ordered). You could be left with excess stock that didn’t sell, or worse- selling out of sizes leaving customers unsatisfied if they cannot buy what they want. 

Print on demand means customers can order their exact size, colourway, and even add in personalisation to make their garments extra special. Brands are not left with unwanted stock they may have to discount to sell off, and ultimates a more sustainable, smart option with much less waste being sent to landfill. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your brand benefit from our print on demand services.

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