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Print on Demand looks set to change how clothing brands manufacture.

 After decades of brands and factories focussing on how to make clothes quicker and cheaper as the phenomenon of fast fashion peaked in the 2010s, fashion brands and clothing manufacturers now look to reduce waste as customers demand more sustainable clothing. 

New technology in the print and manufacturing world allows brands to offer print on demand, and even manufacture of only one piece. This made to order business model means brands only need to produce what will actually be sold, meaning no risk, no discounting and no waste. 

Adding personalisation will only increase demand for the product as each piece will be unique, plus justifying why these garments may be slightly higher in price or have a longer lead time, as they are not available instantly. 

As this is a completely new way of operations, it has been predicted that fashion start-ups will be the early adopters for this new way of working, with larger more established brands on their tails as they scramble to slip this new automated system into their existing e-commerce. New software will be the most important element for print and manufacture on demand, allowing customers themselves to input their own elements, designs and personalisations for their own products. 

New research has shown that fashion retailers are the number 1 category for store closures on the high street as online retail rapidly grows. Could this be the perfect time for print on demand to enter the UK fashion market? By combining the most up to date Kornit machines, with full GOTS and Oeko-Tex environmental audits, Creative Sourcing can offer print-on-demand and drop shipping. Direct to Garment, or DTG means you get high quality digital prints onto light and dark blank garments, including organic cotton or recycled polyester. 

Contact us today for further information on how we can help your brand.

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